Public Service Announcements

The SMF Sex Therapy course (SMF 309), facilitated by Carm De Santis, utilizes Public Service Announcements (PSAs) as a knowledge translation and educational tool to discuss sexually relevant issues within our current socio-political and cultural context. Seven PSAs will be presented as a medium by which to explore empathy:

The Disclosure of Sexual Assault
Chelsea Davies-Kneis, Demtria Giannakopulos, Lindsay McNeil

Empathy is elicited by encouraging viewers to listen to sexual assault disclosures to support the healing process and encourage victims of sex assault to feel less guilt, shame, and embarrassment when sharing their experiences.

Sexual Harassment: On the Line
Celeste Bortolus, Lydia Notten, Brittany Saukel

Western culture, social media platforms, and online gaming chat rooms are often negative and unwelcoming spaces for female identified individuals. Suggestions are made to bring positive proactivity to online spaces to ensure a safe and fun community for everyone.

Shame Leads to Silence
Josslyn Gabriel-Harper, Jasmine Chan, Amanda Da Costa, Cassandra Flurey

During this time of women speaking out against sexual assault and harassment, men need encouragement to ask questions about the toxicity of masculinity and the impact it has on gender inequality. Men are also encouraged and empathetically supported to be reflective and share their vulnerable selves while challenging the discourse of hegemonic masculinity.

Communicating Consent
Priscila Carrara, Erin Dean, Daria Kondrateva

The importance of consent is illustrated by tackling the misinterpretations of consent. A focus is placed on the legal and personal consequences of sexual assault, and the importance of enthusiastic consent, to encourage and foster healthier and more positive sexual experiences.

“Sex-cessfully” Overcoming Sexual Difficulties
Marissa Chicoyne, Giovanna Facchini, Anna Scriver

Sexual challenges are a fact of life and it is important to shift the dialogue on sexual difficulties from problematic to empowering. By changing how we talk about sexual difficulties, people can feel more confident in facing, and potentially overcoming, their sexual problems.

50 Shades of Grey is Not Your Guide to BDSM* Play
Angela Bambino, Sabrina Da Cruz-Neiva, Celeste Lalumiere

‘Risk awareness’ begins with adequate and accurate education about the guidelines of kinky sexual activity. By debunking myths and deconstructing mass media portrayals of BDSM, an accessible and empathic understanding of the activities and practitioners is fostered.

* BDSM: Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadomasochism

Diversity: ‘The Unspoken Power of Empathy’
Vaidehi Chavan, Alicia Hois, Madeline Keltie

Sexuality is part of our socio-political-cultural fabric. We are reminded of the diverse ways sexuality is expressed and experienced in our social world and we are encouraged to see differences without threat and judgment, and instead with empathy and respect.