2016 Keynote Address

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We are excited to announce that Dr. Susan Dion will be joining us as the Keynote Speaker at our 6th Annual SMF Research Symposium! Tying in our themes of Cultural Pluralities,  the keynote address this year will be:

Not So Perfect Strangers
Investigating a Shared History in Service of Reconciliation

What is remembered and what is forgotten in the study of Indigenous people and the study of Canada?  Do dominant stories of Canadian history encourage Canadians to distance themselves from and abdicate their responsibility for the inequities that exist in the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada?  In this talk, Dr. Dion explores the tensions that emerge in the intersection of speaking and hearing across difference and illuminates the challenges of crossing cultural boundaries in service of reconciliation. 


A little more about our speaker:Susan Dion Photo

Dr. Susan D. Dion is an Indigenous scholar (Potawatami /Lenape) who has been working in the field of education for thirty years. Professor in the Faculty of Education at York University in Toronto her research interests include Decolonizing and Indigenizing education; Urban Indigenous Education; and violence prevention in Indigenous communities. Dr. Dion works in collaboration with the Toronto District School Board Aboriginal Education Centre and the Ontario Ministry of Education on research and program development. She is widely consulted by diverse community groups, workplaces, and institutions on developing methods for building more equitable, respectful relationships between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people. Dr. Dion’s book titled Braiding Histories: Learning from Aboriginal Peoples’ Experiences and Perspectives is available from University of British Columbia Press.

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2016 Schedule

The schedule for our 6th Annual SMF Symposium is now available! There will also be a copy in your program to refer to throughout the day.

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A downloadable copy is available here: 
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2016 Schedule

Registration Open for 6th Annual SMF Research Symposium!

The SMF Research Symposium Committee is excited to announce that Registration is open for the 6th Annual SMF Research Symposium!

This year’s theme is: Cultural Pluralities: Situating the Studies of Sexualities, Relationships, and Families.

Keynote Speakers, Presenters and Schedule will be released in the coming weeks as well; Stay tuned!


Call for Proposals

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The SMF Research Symposium is accepting proposals!

Submit your proposals by February 12th, 2016 to Jess Huston at projectmanager@smfsymposium.ca

For details, see the Call for Proposals Page: 2016 Call for Proposals

Or the PDF version: CallforProposals_Symposium2016

Share with those that you’d like to see present! The SMF Symposium Committee encourages research that approaches the conference theme from diverse disciplinary approaches; interdisciplinary and critical perspectives are particularly welcome!


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6th Annual SMF Research Symposium Theme, 2016

The Department of Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies (SMF) is pleased to announce  its 5th Annual SMF Symposium on Friday April 1st, 2016, at St. Jerome’s University.The symposium highlights student, faculty, and community research dealing  with issues of social justice, personal/professional ethics, and responsible citizenship.

If  you are interested in presenting at this year’s symposium, please go to the Call For Proposals page for further information or feel free to contact the project manager, Jess Huston, at jahuston@uwaterloo.ca

This year’s theme is:

Cultural Pluralities: Situating the Studies of Sexualities, Relationships, and Families


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Beyond diversity and multiculturalism, there  exists a plurality within individuals and our communities; this years’ SMF Research Symposium presents an opportunity to look at and discuss perspectives of how power and privilege can intersect amongst these pluralities and how this may impact sexualities, relationships and families.


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Call for Proposals




Welcoming Research to the SMF Symposium

The SMF Symposium has been a staple of the SMF Department and Community for a growing number of years. Each year, this is an opportunity for students, faculty and community members to present their research in topics related to and intersecting with Sexualities, Relationships, Families with an overarching vision of social justice and anti-oppression.

We’ve made an effort to ensure that both presenters and attendees of this conference have been able to both educate and learn from the research presented at this annual event; This year’s the SMF Symposium Planning Committee has made the decision to better reflect this in our event’s name by welcoming the title SMF Research Symposium to our ever-growing event.

This conference is an opportunity for all in our community to learn from others and share their own research- both roles play an integral part to making sure this research moves and changes our work (and world) for the better!

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, watch here for the Call for Proposals coming soon!

If you are interested in attending this year’s conference, please find the registration link here: Register!

6th Annual SMF Research Symposium

We are proud to announce that our 6th Annual SMF Research Symposium will be held on April 1st, 2016! Stay in tune for more information on the theme, a call for proposals, and of course our Keynote Speaker, in the coming weeks!